About Us

My name is Matt Smothers, and MedSentinel Managed IT Services is my creation.

I created MedSentinel because my wife and several of our friends, who are doctors and dentists, told me about how they are having a hard time meeting the information security requirements imposed by HIPAA. They all wanted a better way of complying with HIPAA than either becoming doctors/dentists AND information technology professionals, or merging with a practice large enough to afford a full-time IT professional.

So I talked to them and their colleagues about what they wanted and needed and then created a way for healthcare professionals to both keep their equipment HIPAA compliant and keep their independence.

In addition to running MedSentinel, I also cook – I particularly like to make real slow-cooked hot-smoked BBQ – and travel when time permits.  One of my goals is to visit all the world’s continents and oceans.

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